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Track Defendants with the Strength of Titanium: 5G GPS ANKLE MONITOR

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RMMS is committed to providing exceptional customer service and cost-effective solutions that fit the unique needs of each individual. They work with their clients to create monitoring plans that are tailored to their specific situations, and they offer affordable pricing options that make their services accessible to everyone.


Titanium GPS ankle monitors are state-of-the-art tracking devices designed to monitor the location and movements of individuals on probation, parole, or house arrest. The ankle monitors use GPS technology to track the wearer's movements in real-time, providing accurate and up-to-date location data to law enforcement agencies.


The SCRAM alcohol ankle monitor is a cutting-edge device used to monitor alcohol consumption in individuals on probation or parole. This device uses transdermal alcohol monitoring technology, which detects alcohol through the skin's sweat glands, providing continuous and accurate data on alcohol consumption.


Rocky Mountain Monitoring offers 24/7 GPS and alcohol monitoring is a cutting-edge technology that combines GPS tracking and alcohol monitoring in real-time. This technology is particularly useful for individuals who have been convicted of DUI offenses and are required to remain sober as a condition of probation.

Stay Secure with RMMS: Titanium GPS Ankle Monitor

These ankle monitors are lightweight, durable, and comfortable to wear, making them ideal for long-term use. The data collected by the monitors can be used to ensure that individuals comply with court-ordered restrictions, such as staying within specific geographic boundaries or avoiding contact with certain individuals.

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The device is equipped with tamper-resistant features to prevent individuals from removing or disabling the device.

Advanced Technology

Rocky Mountain Monitoring Solutions (RMMS) uses advanced technology to provide accurate and reliable tracking solutions.


We are committed to providing excellent customer service. Our trained professionals are available 24/7 to answer questions and provide support

Cost-Effective Solutions

RMMS offers cost-effective solutions that are affordable for individuals and families. Call us for more infomation.

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As someone who has used Rocky Mountain Monitoring Solutions (RMMS) for GPS tracking and monitoring, I can confidently say that this company provides top-notch service and high-quality products. Their titanium GPS ankle monitor was extremely accurate and reliable, and the tamper-resistant features gave me peace of mind knowing that the device couldn't be removed or disabled. Additionally, the company's customer service was exceptional. They were always available to answer any questions I had throughout the monitoring process.
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I recently used Rocky Mountain Monitoring Solutions (RMMS) for 24/7 alcohol monitoring, and I couldn't be happier with the service I received. The device was easy to use and provided accurate and reliable results, giving me peace of mind knowing that I was being held accountable for my actions. RMMS's customer service was exceptional as well. The team was always available to answer my questions and provide support whenever I needed it. They were friendly, knowledgeable, and truly cared about my well-being.
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say with confidence that this company has exceeded my expectations. I was initially hesitant about wearing a GPS ankle monitor, but the team at RMMS made the process easy and stress-free. The titanium GPS ankle monitor was incredibly accurate and reliable, and the tamper-resistant features gave me peace of mind knowing that I was being monitored securely. Additionally, the customer service provided by RMMS was exceptional. The team was always available to answer my questions and provide support whenever I needed it.
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